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Newbie questions

Going on my 4th batch of brew. Have 2 questions. Is there a preferred room temperature for fermentation? Does it depend on the type? Is there a range that covers all types or is it not that critical?

2nd Question is I received a liquid yeast pack that looks like it may have been “smacked” in transit. It’s a bit more puffy. I’ve had it in the fridg since it arrived. Still usable or toss? Thanks.

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There is not a preferred room temp. You are trying to control the beer temp, not the ambient room temp.

All that temp is different for different types of yeast.

How long have you had the smack pack? What size beer are you making?

Really either way, the yeast should be fine. But you should make a starter. But that goes with pretty much every yeast smack pack.

The yeast is fine - use it. Ideally, make a starter and then use it.

I disagree about room temp - there IS a preferred room temp - it is about 5 degrees (or so) colder than you want your beer fermenting at. Ideally, you have a temp. controlled set up. But, most do not start out with this. In general, most ales ferment best at low to mid 60’s. So, if there is any way possible, ferment in a room that is about 60 degrees or a couple degrees warmer.

If the room is 70, the fermenting beer will be 75+ - that is too warm.

If you rooms are to warm, see my signature line for easy to expensive ways to keep the temp of the carboy/pail down.

Varying fermentation temps can have very different effects depending on the type of yeast you use. When I’m designing a recipe, I usually go to the Wyeast (or what ever brand you’re using) website. They have very detailed descriptions of the flavors the yeasts produce and you’ll noticed that depending on the temperature, you’ll get different results. For instance, the fruity, banana/clove flavors of a typical belgian beer is generated from fermentation above 70 F. The same yeast at 65 F will not give you the same ester production, and thus a different beer.

I’ve read in multiple books and forums that temperature control is one of the best things you can do to brew better beer and help with reproducibilty.

I agree with the other posters regarding the yeast smack pack, it should be fine but would be better with a starter.

Good Luck!

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