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Newbie Question on Hop Supplies

This is my first year brewing so i don’t know if this happens or not. Do hop supplies start running out around this time of year???

As with all crops, they have their year.

Denny mentioned in another thread about hops and grain stock piles being lower this year.

If you have a brew or two that you love, it makes sense to have a couple pounds of the hops needed in your freezer when the new crop is harvested in the fall.

depends a lot on the type of hops you want . . some of the newer varieties like citra, amarillo, simcoe, etc. will run out/low. But it is not like “all hops” will run out. Most of the old standby’s will remain in good quantity. So, yeah, if you have that IPA you are craving with a bunch of simcoe, you may be out of luck. If you want to use some northern brewer or cascade, you should be fine.

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