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Newbie Question - Long Fermentation?

I’m fermenting batch number six (second all grain). It’s 2.5 gallons of Hefeweisse (Jamil’s BCS Harold-is-Weissen.) The grain bill is 50% German Pilsner 50% Wheat. Pitched 1 pack of fresh WY3068 into a 3 gallon fermentor.

The krausen on the wheat beer kit I previously did was really high so I used a blow-off tube given the small amount of headroom. Temps were steady at 62-63F for a week and the krausen looked healthy but never got up into the neck of the carboy. After Day 7 I pulled the blow-off tube and inserted a 3pc airlock and moved it out of the freezer and into the spare bath I used before acquiring the freezer. We’re now on Day 11 and the krausen has fully subsided, but I’m still getting about 15 bubbles/min in the airlock. The yeast threw a lot of sulpher at first but subsided after a few days (the Wyeast site indicated this yeast can do that) though I’m still getting just a faint whiff of sulpher now if I sniff the top of the airlock.

My question: Is there any reason for concern to see that much gas venting with this yeast and no krausen or was my temperature range just on the low side and this thing is taking a while to finish up? The beer itself looks fine at this point as far as I can see.

Sounds like a combination of lower ferm temps taking the yeast longer to ferm out and you moving it to a warmer location. The colder the beer the more CO2 that remains dissolved. As it warms CO2is off gassed thus the airlock activity.

The sulfur aroma indicates the yeast is still working to finish the fermentation and clean up. In a few more days fermentation should be complete. I take my first hydrometer reading after two weeks for a low to mid gravity ale. Bottling is usually after three weeks, or when I get to it after three weeks.

Thanks Guys! It’s Day 17 and airlock activity has stopped. Looks like I’ll be putting this in the bottle on Sunday.

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