Newbie pbw question

Is PBW what I need to clean my primary bucket? I thought my one step would be enough but there’s a discoloration and slight odor left over from my first brew-a stout.

Either one of the products is a good cleaner. Plastics will retain some aromas and color from a fermentation. The aromas or discoloration will not have any noticeable affect on the next beer though. One of the exceptions is when you have made root beer. Plastics involved with making root beer will have to be set aside for the next root beer.

When you clean plastics only use a very soft sponge or paper towels for wiping. Rough scrubbies will scratch. It is possible for scratched plastic to harbor bacteria than cleaners will not remove if the scratch is deep enough.

Welcome to the NB forum. Have you just finished your first brew or have had more than a few brewing sessions?

Flars, I bottled my sweet stout last Saturday and brewed the Block Party Amber Ale on Sunday. I was concerned about the bucket so on my trip to the city this week I picked up some PBW, though the smell dissipated somewhat overnight with One Step I just wanted to ensure future batches won’t be affected. I’m chilling a stout to try tomorrow and see how the carbonation is going. I am interested in the Bastard Stepson but have a glass carboy to try it in, I’m just not crazy about using constantly since it is glass, and I can’t stack on it. Right now my 2 gallon is on the 5 gallon bucket and my closet is filling with projects. Thanks so much for your responses, I’m finding this forum to be invaluable.

It is always good to hear when the brewing is going well. Don’t expect to much carbonation after one week. Most of the CO2 produced will still be in the headspace. Try to save a few bottles for a few months. Stouts can be really good with some age.

Oxiclean works well, PBW works better, and the Craftmeister oxygen and alkaline cleaners work better than all of them by a long shot. The alkaline works better in cold water than other cleaners work in how water. Here’s a test we did…

It carbonated in a week! A friend watched the dogs so I came home to a 69 degree closet, guess it worked out well. I notice the priming sugar was 5 oz and I don’t yet have a scale so I hope they don’t blow. One more week and I’ll chill em out I think.