Newbie here: Confirm my SG reading and a quick question

Newbie here: Please confirm my SG reading and a quick question on first batch progress

To me it looks like it’s right on the hash mark right above the 1.000 line. That’s .998 correct? ... g.jpg.html

I just started my first batch of Island Mist Strawberry Watermelon White Shiraz. It says after 5 days to check and the reading should be 1.010 or less and to rack at that point. My reading was .998 which is a lot less than I thought it would be after only five days. My first reading on the first day was 1.046 which is what it should have been according to the directions.
Should I be worried about the difference (between 1.010 and .998) after only five days?

The directions now say to let it sit for 10 days and check the reading. When it’s .996, it’s time to mix in the F-pac and other stuff.
Will it really take 10 days to reach .996 (only .002 less then it is now)? Or should I check sooner?

Congrats on making your first batch. Wine is easier than most people think. But it does progress at its own pace.
I couldn’t see the picture well enough to tell if you have a standard resolution hydrometer or a high resolution one, but first mark would be either 0.998 or 0.999.
The speed of fermentation varies depending on the recipe, the specific batch of ingredients, the amount and health of the yeast, and especially the temperature. Five day is plenty of time for it to get to that point if you fermented warm.
Go ahead and rack it now. It will probably take less time than the instructions say to reach the next target, and you can add the packs as soon as it does - no need to wait longer. Though as a general rule, if you are unsure about timing, it is almost always better to wait than to act early.