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Newbie bottling question

I am getting ready to bottle some caribou slobber and am wondering if i need to wait or not due to the fact that when i moved my fermenter to where i wanted it to bottle the liquid in there moved around and touched the dried up krausen up top and now i have krausen pieces floating around and a good bit of it suspended in the liquid.I am obviously skipping secondary for the first time and have never had this problem.Will bottling like this hurt anything or do i need to wait for this to settle out?
Thanks for advise in advance.You guys and gals rock. :cheers:

It should be fine to do as is. I’m guessing you mean the krausen on the sides of the fermenter that’s there from when it was @ high krausen?

If it makes it through your racking cane to the bottling bucket and actually gets into your bottles, it will eventually settle out with the rest of the dormant yeast, etc.

When I can I like to give things a day to settle after I’ve moved the fermenter for whatever reason. But as already said, if you’re careful you can avoid transferring most of it and worst case scenario is a few bottles with extra sediment.

Thanks for the feedback.You guys were rite on time.I have 20 bottles left to star san then bottling i will go.

IME, the heavy krausen ring stuck to the side of the fermenter is the stuff you want to avoid getting in the beer as much as possible - it contains that first layer of oily, bitter hop compounds that is pushed to the side as fermentation kicks off. I would let it settle out before transferring the beer to the bottling bucket.

I had a feeling something like this could happen.I wish i coul cold crash this thing but the fridge is full and im all set to go.Decisions decisions.I have a feeling this stuff is going to take a few days to settle out and i want to get it cleaned up so i can get another brew going.Wish me luck.I will let yous know how it is in 3 weeks. :cheers:


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