Newbee planning first batch

and I have a couple areas I’m not clear on.

In the Compleat Meadmaker, discussing equipment he indicates to take the OG before the yeast is added, then later says to take it after the must has had the yeast pitched in, and oxygenated.

1- When should I be taking my OG reading please?

Another question is timing. Some places indicate adding nutrient and energizer at the time you make the must. Read elsewhere that you stagger this, and only pitch the yeast when making the must, then shortly afterwards add nutrient and energizer, and again later on.

2- When should I be adding nutrient and energizer?

Thanks for any suggestions.

  1. prior to pitching
  2. I have had the best luck with staggered nutrient feedings. At pitching, 24hrs after active fermentation, 48hrs after, and at the midpoint.

Thanks BB, will give it a whirl


Remember 1 thing. Mead was made thousands of years ago when they knew absolutely nothing about fermentation. Don’t over think this.

Use a program to figure out how much honey to add to make the OG you want. If the reading is not matching the program, MOST likely the honey isn’t mixed completely with the water. DON’T try to correct it. Just go with it.

Add the nutrients like BB mentioned.

For the yeast, consider 71B or D-47 wine yeast. I use 71B with great results. $1 per pack. :wink: