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Newb Question

I have had my Irish Red Ale in primary for 2 weeks today and will let it sit for another week until bottling. I am getting Hydrometer next week to take readings.

I was curious to what it looked like so I opened up the bucket this morning and this is what I found…

There are some air bubbles from me moving the bucket and then a bunch of little white/tan specks… Could this be yeast? or is there something wrong…? Should this clean up over the next week or so?

I have been trying to upload an image but can’t figure that out…

I have it sitting in a room right now which is at about 65 degrees.

Any feedback would be great. Thanks!

Cheers :cheers:

It’s probably finishing up fermenting and the floaties are most likely yeast. Try to bring it up to the low 70s if you can, it will help it finish.

Your fine its just the yeast floating at the top.

Thanks guys… Brought to room that stays around 69-71 degrees. Hopefully will get better over the next couples days.

Cheers :cheers:

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