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New Year's Brews

Anyone doing a New Year’s Brew this year. I will doing a Scottish 80 Shilling. It will be an og of 1.054 and about 17 ibus worth of ekg.


I’m brewing a Classic American Pilsner. I hope to do it Sunday but my starter isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, if it doesn’t drop by Saturday night I’ll probably brew Monday.

Doing my 2nd brew and it’s an Extra Pale ale. Not on New years though…doing it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Doing an IPA (similar to dead ringer) and a German Alt on Sunday.

Going to brew with pils, pale, belgian carapils & ~15% sugar,
Shooting for ~40 Ibus and 1.055,
Pitch it with my culture I stole from an Orval.
Dry hop with Fuggle and Hallurtauer leafs.

Finally bottling my 3 brews in fermenters and brewing up a Waldo lake amber. Going to have two empty carboys for about a week until the next NB shipment arrives with another Innkeeper and DIPA.

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