New Wort Chiller

High all!
Need to bounce an idea off you guy,s…last brew session I found to my horror my wort chiller had froze and split in three places! It was a homemade,3/8 50 foot copper one. Any ways I was thinking of going to half inch 25 ft copper tubing and fashioning it sort of like an electric stove element…(flat and circular) to save a bit of cash. Also can anyone tell me the difference between regular soft copper tubing and refridgeration tubing… one is cheaper than the other but that don’t mean I should use it… Thanks in advance all1

Refrigeration tubing is a little more money as it’s been cleaned and purged with nitrogen to eliminate contaminants and moisture that might damage a system. Other than that they’re the same.

Sorta on the same line, I made a new IC using 1/4 OD copper tubing. 2 pieces of tubing were used, 2 “towers” one nestled inside of the other (1.5" space between them). Works better for 1 gallon batches the the 1/2" tubeing IC I made a year ago.You do need to maximize the surface area of your chiller (to the wort), while keeping maximum water flow.