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New to the forum

Just joined after lurking. Been brewin for almost a decade. I became burned out with the hobby. It felt too much like work and not fun after a while. I got tired of brewing all day long in the cold. I got tired of all the hassle. I got lazy. But I miss brewing. So…for now I am back to extracts with teabagging. Low yields and loss of control be damned! The only thing I am more than cheap, its lazy!!


Nah, kinda.

Oh I am both cheap and lazy. Here is my #1 post here. with a great temp control cheap trick.

Studded snow tires. Yep. I live in a raised ranch. My garage under has two sides against 6’ of dirt and I live in a colder climate. So I build a “room” from snow tire piles in the back corner using two layers of foundation insulation against and over the tires with blankets over the top. Temps stay in the 60’s even in heat waves because the cement transmits the stable ground temps to the “room” even in heat waves. This may not work in warmer climates, but here it does. Perfect fermentation temps for ales eveven in summer. Or you can spend tons of money on freezers and temp modules.

Oh and the room makes for good lager fermentation temps in less than the coldest months too. Always its great for conditioning ales in all but the warmest months. But the snows are on the cars! Yikes! Put the summer tires in their place between batches.

edit: steel rods of 1/16" are needed to hold form inside of the “room” I forgot to mention that. Retaining rods bended to keep internal areas large and workable.

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