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New to lagering

So I want to brew a clone of Sam Adam’s Boston Lager, because I enjoy drinking it and its the only beer my fiance likes.
The only problem is, its getting warmer out and i don’t have a spare refrigerator to lager it in.
Im considering two options:
1: Skip the lagering part and do the recipe as an ale instead. My question for this option is, what kind of yeast strain should I use?
2: Brew it as i normally would and lager it in the bottle(i dont have the means to keg yet, unfortunately)
Looking for some advice as to which of these options would work better, or if anyone has any experience with lagering with minimal fridge space

I just brewed a California Common with White Labs San Francisco Lager yeast and fermented it at 62*. That yeast along with wyeasts California Lager have lager like qualities up into the 60s and I don’t think they need to be lagered afterwards.

Otherwise you could lager in bottles if you have the room in your fridge but that’s roughly 50 beers taking up an awful lot of space for at least a month. ... rkarounds/

This Brewing TV episode is about ways to work around lagering if you don’t have the equipment. They also tried Bohemian Lager yeast with good results I guess.

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