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New to kegging

I’m going to building my keg system this weekend. My question is do you leave your beer line hooked all the time or do you unhook them when not in use? Also how often do you clean your beer lines? Thanks

Once carbed and tapped I keep my beer lines connected. I clean them quickly with hot watet and PBW after each keg. Its really simple to put it in a keg and run it through the lines. I will break it down and use BLC about 3 times per year.

Leave them connected 24/7/365 (366 on leap years!)

Typically I will flush with BLC, Hot water, then Star San between kegs

But that’s just me…

If similar styles I’ve been known to just sample the blended beer that fist comes out and let it ride into the sunset…

I have a tap with a very slow leak, so I disconnect that one if I’m not pouring a beer. The other is always left connected. Once I get a replacement stem for the leaking one, I’ll leave it connected at all times also.

be sure you get your lines the right length or you will have hell.
do a search on balancing your system. someone post a link, please.

Thanks everyone

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