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New to Kegging

I Kegged a Blonde Ale for the first time, had a leak and finally found and stopped it. I’m now drinking it and enjoying draft beer. My kegerator can only hold one Keg and I have a Speckled Heifer ready to Keg. My question is can I rack to the keg and store it in my basement and not ruin the beer? Thanks for your ideas in advance.

Absolutely! But put a little head pressure in the keg to make sure it is sealed (also to bleed off any oxygen - pull the pressure relief valve ring a couple times). You can also carbonate with corn sugar in the keg! I do that when stockpiling beer for an event.


Thanks for the reply. At what temp. Would it start to be to warm to store the beer in the Keg?

Same temps for bottles.

Did you know there is a kegging forum? :wink:

Did you know there is a kegging forum? :wink: [/quote]
I moved it for him.

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