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New to kegging

I am in the process of assembling a kegging system for myself. I will be purchasing a 15lb CO2 tank. The local gas dealer is having a blow out sale on them. Does anyone have any idea of how many kegs this amount of CO2 will distribute and carbonate? I rough geuss is all that I am looking for. Thanks in advance.

Depending on your procedures, you should get at least 10-15 kegs, maybe 20, maybe more. This assumes that you don’t have any leaks.

Welcome to the board.

+1 on the “No Leaks” post by Brewbeer Deuce Deuce. One leak could take the count to zero kegs worth.

But I use 5# tanks and get 8-10 corny kegs through them before having to re-fill, and I usually am conservative on filling it up before it really gets down in the red zone on the pressure gauge.

At 3x the CO2, should be at least 25 kegs worth in my opinion. With that much volume, whether you like your beer more/less carbonated will make a difference in the number too.

Kegging is by far the best upgrade I made in my brewing. Hope your experience is the same.

I agree with the above comments…especially the part about leaks. When I first set up my system I ran through a tank in one night because of a leak. Double check all your connections but still be ready for the rookie mistake! I think I assumed some connections made by the supplier were tight enough…nope!

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