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New to kegging - kegerator question


I’m new to kegging and looking for clarification or suggestions on how to switch between the tapper (I believe it is an American Sankey type) that came with my kegerator and a new 5 gal Ball Lock Soda Keg from NB. Any suggestion, NB part numbers or other ideas would be greatly appreciated.



You will need to take the hoses off the sankey connection and put them onto the separate gas in and beer out connectors.

You’ll need ball lock gas/beer connections.
Clip the old connection lines from the keg and hook up to the new connections. ... b-gas.html ... b-liq.html

Attach connections to your ball lock kegs.
Drink beer :smiley:


+1 to the link above. I highly recommend the MFL (aka flare) connections, as opposed to the barbed connections…even if you never intend to hook up a sanke again. Well worth the extra $3-4 you’ll pay (in total) for the FFLs.

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