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New to Kegging and wanting a Draft System

Greetings all,
I am new to kegging and now have the space to do so as well as an area to set up a draft system. Could someone tell me all the equipment I will need, not only to keg but to set up a draft system with a 5 gallon soda keg, please? ... 0jdi7absm0

i made up this wish list to email my mom. she was asking what she needed to put a tap in an old fridge. and have me supply her with an occasional keg of beer.

this is a you have to decide what kind of fridge you want. that will determine if you need a shank or a tower. if you want to buy a pre made kegerator or build your own. you can save money by shopping around. sorry nb but your kegging equipment can be pricey. just make sure the supplies you buy are compatible with each other hose sizes, style of keg, ect.


mine is in the link on the last post

NB sells a basic kit with all the parts here: … d-keg.html

I recommend shopping around, though. Kegging is the one market that NB doesn’t seem to have good prices on. I bought a pre-made kit from It has everything you need except the fridge. If you can’t find what you want at NB, I would check there first. I had trouble figuring out what parts I needed and they helped me figure it out in 5 minutes on the phone. I’m sure Northern Brewer’s customer support folks would offer similar help.

If you google “keezer” or “kegerator”, you will find dozens of sites with pictures and/or plans for DIY kegging systems. It will give you some ideas.

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