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New to homebrewing and the forum

Hello to all. I spent a day with a couple of friends yesterday making their first batch of all grain brew. I have been a long time lover of great beers and found the process of making it absolutely fascinating. It gives me a new appreciation of what I am drinking. I want to do this myself. My question to the members here is:

I really want to start with all grain brews. Am I being overly ambitious or not?

Looking forward to learning a lot and starting down this fascinating road.

Welcome aboard!
If you have already seen/ helped someone mash grain already,
And are accepting of all the fun cleaning and sanitizing that goes along with brewing,
I think you could do it.
Really you just need a good thermometer. And a bunch of other stuff.
You know Tennessee Rob? AKA “Quietlymakingnoise” ?

AG from the start? Go for it. I know several people did that. You have seen the process and know what is involved. It’s easier than we think.

What equipment did they have?

Here is a couple of links to help you along.

Lots of youtube videos on AG brewing also.

Welcome to the forum. If you have seen the process and know what you are getting into I think you will be fine. I have taught many people the all-grain process who had never brewed before.

Can you do it… sure. I would recommend starting out with extract to get the basics of brewing down and gradually moving to all grain. Going with extract will require less equipment and allow you to start making great beer right away. I started brewing with extract and moved to AG after about 8 batches. IMHO, there’s nothing wrong with extract brewing at all, but AG is more rewarding to me.

I brewed an extract for my first and immediately went to AG… It can be done…

AG is not rocket science. Congrats for jumping right in. I wish I hadn’t wasted 4yrs of my brewing life on extract. (Not that I didn’t brew good beer, I did. But my AG is certainly better…and better than the occasional extract that I brew today.)




Welcome Dave.

Sure - especially if you have some people that you can watch, or who can come help you a little as you get going. Also, go ahead and buy your stuff with the intent of going straight to all grain - you can STILL do an extract beer or two if you want to get going. Not like there is a “different” setup you would need to do an extract brew. If you are set up for all grain, you are set up for extract too.

I just started brewing a few months ago, myself. I did 3 extract brews and then started doing all grain. My anxiety over doing all grain was all for nothing. It seems that if you can cook a bowl of breakfast cereal and clean up after yourself you have the skill set required to do all grain home brewing.

Cheers and welcome aboard!

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