New to homebrew - Irish Red Small Batch

Hello everyone. I am new homebrewing and started my Irish Red small batch this weekend. I encountered blowoff within 12 hours of pitching my yeast, which was adjusted for, and now I am waiting. I have read through many posts but am wondering if anyone who has brewed this how long they left it in the primary before bottling? I was thinking 4 weeks and then 4 weeks in the bottle before opening a test bottle.

Next brew hasn’t been planned yet but I would like to get really good at one style before changing it up.

I made that in a 5 gallon batch. I took a hydrometer reading at 2 weeks and again a week later and it was the same so I bottled at 3 weeks. I tested a bottle at 1.5 weeks and it was carbonated but some flavors needed to mellow. At 3 weeks in the bottle it mellowed out and was very good.

Thank you for the reply. I have also noticed that there are very little bubbles coming out anymore and it has only been about 2 days, is this normal? Did I ferment it too warm? What are the implications if that is the case? I cooled it down as soon as I noticed it was still somewhat warm but that was after about 12 after yeast pitch.

What temp did you pitch the yeast? What was the ambient temp during ferm? 2 days sound a little fast, but some yeasts are more aggressive than others. What yeast did you use? US-05 is a fast one.

Also, even after the bubbles stop, ferm may still be going on at a smaller scale. Also, the yeast will clean up after themselves after ferm is done by removing some of the less desirable flavors. As a rule of thumb, I tend to leave it alone for at least 3 weeks usually longer. If the temp is too high during ferm, it will produce esters such as an aggressive alcohol flavor up front.

Welcome to your new obsession!! :cheers:

Going through the same thing with caribou slobber. :frowning:

I don’t know exact temps but it was about skin temp at fermentation. I figure that is a little over 70 degrees. I cooled down a little just in case. As for the type of yeast it was Nottingham ale yeast.

Notty has a fairly good attenuation. If you have a hydrometer, take a gravity reading now and in a couple of days as well. If they are the same it’s done. If not, I would let it set for another week or two. The quick, and aggressive ferm is probably due to fermenting on the hotter end. The warmer it is, the quicker it ferms, but you’ll risk a chance for off flavors. Google swamp cooler (that’s what I use). It’s a low-cost, effective, and simple temp control set-up.

Again, I’d give it another week or so on the yeast to make sure they have had time to party, and time to clean up after the party.

Those times look good, although I agree that three weeks in the primary is probably fine. Since it’s a small batch, I wouldn’t even waste a bottle trying it before 4 weeks. This one in particular seems to take at least 3 to be good.