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New to cider poor results

this is my first batch of cider
10 cans concentrate
2 lbs of brown sugar
1 package of ale yeast with yeast nutrients and camden
added 3/4 cup of bakers sugar to prime
very sour and bitter.
I’m looking for more of a angry orchard taste.
I was told to do this by a friend won’t make this one again.
Any suggestions for easy starter recipe want a sweet tart kind of flavor from the cider

Cider is pretty easy to make, but there are a few pointers to help you get started.

  1. Use real juice not from concentrate and with no preservatives. You can probably get some frozen from a local orchard. Worth seeking out.

  2. Do not add any sugar. Your cider will be roughly 6% alcohol without adding any extra sugar.

  3. Use WLP002 yeast. A recent experiment by Zymurgy magazine proved that everyone loved how this yeast worked and it leaves a little sweetness like your favorite Angry Orchard.

And that’s about all there is to it. Try that and I am sure you will like the result.

What about priming the cider when we bottle it?

Priming cider is exactly like priming beer; use about 1 oz (wt) of sugar per gallon, boiled in a couple cups of water and then chilled before you mix it into the cider immediately before bottling. You can bump that up a little if you want it to be very fizzy.

I agree with Dave’s advice above, but would recommend you test the juice for sugar content to make sure you know what ABV you will end up with. The juice I get here tends on average to be a lot lower in sugar than what I used to get in the US, and even year to year weather can change what a given tree will produce.

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