New to Brewing

OK, so i recently bought the small batch starter kit with the Caribou Slobber and I had a question about the color during fermentation. The temp is at a cool 66 degrees. I had a small blow out the first day of fermenting, I cleaned it up and put new sanitized water in my airlock and when on about my day. I just made it Feb. 9th 2015, so I am kind of worried. I know I am most likely being a worrying Wendy but I want to just make sure. The file is to large so I will have to post a picture of the file after this post. Thanks for the feedback and take care.

Here is a picture of the beer fermenting.

This is common. CS is a very active fermentation so blowout is common. My first batch did as well so this time I fermented a lot cooler for the first 24hrs. If you cleaned out the airlock and replaced the liquid you should be fine don’t worry.

Sorry as my wife is currently laughing at me saying but “It is his baby, did you guys noticed our sons baby blanket next to it…” Sorry it is in my nature to worry but thank you. So is the color looking OK?

To relate, I am using one of my toddler’s old blankets to cover mine up as well. so +1 to that!

I think you’ll be fine. I worried like crazy during my first batch. Everything turned out ok, and it was damned good to!

I know a picture doesn’t tell you everything, but it looks pretty good to me. I bet it turns out great

Looks as though it’s doing fine. I’d bet you gonna have a good beer…and want to step up to 5 gl batches soon.

Namaste…RDWHAHB!!! :cheers:

During active fermentation the colors can fluctuate drastically. You can have a lighter color due to yeasties floating around and churning away, then all of a sudden as they settle out it gets dark.

I’d say it looks fine! Relax and let it do its thing, you’ll be drinking it soon enough :slight_smile: