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New to Brewing

Just wanted to take time to say hi. I’m brand new to this hobby, but have a life long love affair with good beer. Just brewed my first batch of hefe weissen and can’t wait for the results. I have already learned a great deal lurking on this forum. Again, hi everyone.

Hello and welcome. Good info here with a lot of knowledgeable brewers. Best part is often people will offer different techniques with similar results, good beer.

You’re going to have a lot of fun with this hobby, its honestly such a great way to enjoy and learn about beer. The good thing now (that doesn’t seem to have been true 10-15 years ago) is that there is such an abundance of good ingredients out there, you can learn to make beer that is truly as good as a lot of commercially-available products.

I was actually the opposite of you. My brewing LED me to loving craft beer and different styles.

Invest in temperature control… :cheers:

Thanks to this forum I already addressed the temp control issue. I happened to have a 15cf chest freezer not doing anything, so I got a Ranco controller and followed a very easy to follow youtube video on how to wire it up. Voila, instant bier keller.

From a new brewer…WELCOME! This is a great forum with so much incredible content and eager to share brewers.

I just finished my 13th brew and have to say a tremendous debt of gratitude is owed to members of this forum both past and present.

Brew on!!

Love. It.

If you can control temperature and get adequate pitches of yeast early on, you will come out of the gates making very good, if not great beer.

Invest in sanitizer. :cheers:


Welcome to the most rewarding hobby I know.

“I was actually the opposite of you. My brewing LED me to loving craft beer and different styles.”

For years I drank whatever commercial beer was availible, tried a few different styles in a German Deli down in Florida. Who could have guessed I like hoppy beers?

Welcome to the only hobby that leaves you with more beer than when you started.

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