New to brewing

Hey people. Just made my first batch ever on friday. Purchased a Dead Ringer extract kit from NB. I’m hoping to start the dry hop by the weekend. Was wondering, can I dry hop with something other than the 1oz of centennial that is reccomended or should i just stick with that? the smell coming from the primary is amazing.

If it smells amazing and is going great, why wouldn’t you want to add the dry hops they recommend?

The kits are very solid.

Are you dry hopping in secondary or primary. If the former, you might be transferring a little early.

was just wondering thats all. i’m gonna dry hop in a secondary.

Honestly I would stick to the kit. I have made that one and it is awesome!

I would probably recommend the Centennials that came with it, great beer and I do love me some Centennial.

Just to be the Devils advocate, What were you thinking about dry hopping with instead?

You can dry hop with something else, but you won’t have a Dead Ringer beer. Dead Ringer is all Centennial just like the beer it is cloning.