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New to brewing with an all grain kit

I just bought the 115th dream hopbursted ipa all grain kit & this is my first time brewing an all grain kit. I received a 16.5lb bag of grain. Plus all the hops

Can someone please explain to me the Mash Schedule - Single Infusion. Sacch’ Rest - 152 F for 60 minutes, Mash Out - 170 F for 10 minutes?

What does that mean?

How much do add?

How much beer does it all make?

Is there instructions on these steps with how much water to add?

Sorry for all the questions, but I just want to be sure I am making this beer correctly and I am excited to try this great beer.


Basically, you will be heating up your mash water of approximately4-5 gallons to around 167 degrees or so (not sure of the exact amounts, maybe someone can provide the details). You will add the mash water to your grain in the mash tun. Your goal is to have the temp. settle in at about 152 degrees and then let it sit at that temp. for 60 minutes.

After 60 min. you will sparge the mash by running your sparge water through the grain in your mash tun. If you heat your sparge water to about 180 or so, it will elevate your mash to high 160’s/170 as you sparge - this would be the “mash out.” I would not get to worked up about hitting that exactly. Better off to be under 170 than get too much over it.

You will collect the wort in your boil kettle as you sparge (probably about 6.5-7 gallons or so) and that will then be the wort you will boil (at this point - it is basically like extract brewing.)

This is to finish with about 5 gallons of beer when you are done.

To answer your questions we need a little more information:

What do you plan to mash the grains in?

And how big is it?

How big of a kettle do you have to boil in?

Do you plan to batch sparge or fly sparge?

I can help you a little though.

[quote=“dab06”]Can someone please explain to me the Mash Schedule - Single Infusion. Sacch’ Rest - 152 F for 60 minutes, Mash Out - 170 F for 10 minutes?

Don’t even worry about a mash out

What does that mean?

You need to hold the crushed grain at 152° for 60 min. You generally mix in water ~10° warmer as the grain will absorb some heat.

How much do add?

Around 5.5 gallons, drain after an hour and sparge with around 3.5 gallons of 180° water to rinse the rest of the sugar left behind.

How much beer does it all make?

This will get you around 7 gallons that will yield around 5.5 gallons after boiling for 1.5 hours, add the hops on schedule a half hour into you boil.


Here’s a good primer on basic AG brewing:

Just throw at us what equipment/ strategies you have planned/ have in mind/ have in place. Then plenty of us can jump in to give you an idea of what works with what you have or can help you improvise if needed.

Don’t worry if your not sure, just throw it all at the wall and you’ll learn one way or the other if it is a good/ bad way to proceed. Some stuff becomes learning your own equipment/ procedure final details but plenty can get you awful close on the first try.

+1 mash out is not a step that is critical for you at this time.

Here’s a video on batch sparging:

And here’s a pictorial of the process:

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