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New to brewing-question about adding fruit

Hey I’m new to the home-brewing scene.
Maybe this is a stupid question but if I put fruit in the secondary fermenter can i still use priming sugar to carbonate my beer?
I know the yeast will eat the sugars in the fruit, I guess my question is whether there will be enough yeast left over to bottle condition.
I apologize if this is a dumb question

There are no dumb questions when you first start out. We have all been there! Yes, you can add fruit and still bottle condition. It will not affect your yeast.

Be careful. When I did my first fruit beer I still bottled and even after like two weeks or a month in secondary I still had bottles that were over carbed even after sitting for so long. The fruit adds a lot of residual sugar that will ferment but seems to take for ever.

If you’re going to add fruit, do it in the fermenter, before you rack off of the yeast. Otherwise, like Deadeye said, it might take a long time to ferment out.

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