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New temp controller coming out ... controller

WiFi temperature controller for real time monitoring and control of your homebrewing and fermentation systems.
What is it?

BrewBit Model-T is an open source WiFi enabled temperature controller specifically crafted with the homebrewer in mind. It takes homebrewing to the next level giving you ultimate control over your brewing, any time any where.

Its hardware and software are open source so you can hack it and modify it all you want to meet the needs of your brew system, fermentation system or other project.

Looks pretty interesting

Being able to pre set up your fermentation schedule looks great. Programming it to raise ferm temps towards the end of fermentation without having to be present would be quite nice.

Hope they do well with their kickstarter.

Dang it! Now I want one, even though I don’t really need one (have a two stage controller already). The price doesn’t seem too bad considering the functionality.

They used the word Keezer. :roll:


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