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New Tallgrass Brewing Kits

Just browsed the new NB catalog today and was pretty pumped to see the Tallgrass pro series kits.

I had their Velvet Rooster for the first time a couple weeks ago, and it was awesome.

I’m thinking about brewing it up. I never thought I’d actually want to brew a Belgian Tripel (not much of a Belgian fan here) but this one was great.

Anybody want to give input on brewing with the Belgian Trappist High Gravity yeast (WY3787)?

I’m anxious to hear any feedback as Velvet Rooster will be my next brew too.

Wyeast 3787 is a beast, absolutely use a blow-off. I had 5 gal in a 6.5 gal carboy that would’ve blown within 24 hrs if not for my blow-off. I used it in the Patersbier and it is very much a Belgian strain. Slightly tart and fruity fermented around 68F. Really good Belgian strain IMO.

How was the Patersbier? I’ve got this kit sitting on the shelf waiting. Planning on doing this one with the 3787, then using the cake for a tripel or a golden strong.

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