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New sight has a glitch (or 2)

Placed an order Monday evening just after the new revamp on the web sight and there seems to be a problem with them credit card billing info going through. No leakage of information or anything, but I got the following message today;

Dear Northern Brewer Customer,

Thank you for your recent order!

Your order was one of the very first to be placed on our new-and-improved website, which was launched yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, due to a misconfiguration, your credit card billing information was not saved by our secure website. Our security was not at all compromised, in fact it was so paranoid that it did not even save a secure token, causing this error. We are currently unable to process your order without the payment information.

The best way to supply your payment information is to call our customer service department at 800-681-2739 between the hours of 9am and 6pm Central Time. Please do not reply to this email with your credit card information – email is not a secure means of transmitting credit card information.

We realize this is an inconvenience and an extra step you will need to take to complete this order. As a way of apology, our customer service agents will discount your order by 10% when you call with your payment information.

We are really sorry that this happened to your order. Our I.T. team worked very hard to get our new site up and running and we are all embarrassed by this unexpected glitch. But we’re really happy with the way the site turned out, and we thank you for your understanding during this transition!


Lance Erickson
Information Technology Director
Northern Brewer, Ltd.
1945 W. CR C2
Roseville, MN 55113

Logged into this sight to make sure the phone number was correct (it was) so tomorrow I will make a little phone call and save 10%. A minor inconvenience from a good company, no problem. As long as they keep sponsoring Brewing TV and this forum, I will keep buying from them

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