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New scale

I found a scale that will measure 100’s of oz and grams. Being that I bottle a lot, this will help with a more precise weight. Not advising, but found it on Amazon. It was under $13 plus shipping.

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I’m happy with the ultraship 35, it’s a bit more, but it seems like everyone has that one for sale. It’s got the capacity to weigh grains for AG recipes, and is still precise enough for hop additions. Most of the <$15 scales don’t have the capacity for grain, although if you had to, you can still weigh in stages.

I’m curious though, why the emphasis on bottling?

For a few reasons. Bottling cuts down the amount that I drink, up state New York winter weather, putting an effort in bottling I appreciate the beer better, having difficulty carbonating kegs. Tried to use priming sugar to co2 the kegs, and too much head on the beer.

You need like 1/2 the priming sugar to carbonate in a keg.

thank you. going to try that.

Hey, upstate Minnesota here…. I can do a naturally carbed brew in the keg up here! Hello? Watch yer fermenting and when it gits down to 1.018 or so on a smaller brew, I would quietly rack off its lees/trub into the keg. Put the lid on, sealed up and give it a few days in a warm area to ferment. Now you can pull a sample off, and burp some of the gas off too. This is the time I will lay on its side and as often as I think about it roll the keg around to git the yeast back into solution. give it some time, do sample, you’ll know… this is somewhat how they used to carb beer… Sneezles61

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