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New Product Idea: Racking Arm for Siphonless Big Mouth Bubbler

I enjoy my siphonless big mouth bubbler but one thing I feel would be an improvement, or at least an option aftermarket accessory you could purchase, is an improved valve that would include a small dip tube on the back side. This would allow you to an even better job of keeping the trub in the fermenter.

All it would need to be is a very short section of food grade plastic tube with a 45degree bend in the middle that could be press fit into the back of the existing valve.

Anyone else think that idea has merit?

I don’t have the siphonless, just the regular, but with the punted bottom, where would the dip tube go to avoid trub? I always get differing levels of trub layer in different beers, which was always my concern with the siphonless.

You could guess at the trub level to have the end of the add on above it. Maybe make 5.5 gallons with the intent of only taking out 5 gallons to be sure you’re above the trub. Plug the end of the tube so dropping yeast and sediment doesn’t fill it up. Pull the plug via a length of attached fishing line which would run past the fermentors lid.

I usually will set my bubbler at a slight incline so that I can get more out of the bottom. The racking arm/dip tube would be just like they use in stainless conical fermenters and I’m sure you could most likely even twist the valve slighty to put it at different angles so while you are letting stuff settle out the tube could be turned down or to the side and then when you went to drain point it upward.

That makes sense… if you could twist it and get it at the right level, that seems like it would work. You wouldn’t think it would be too hard to just rig up something to try it at least… I’ve never used a dip tube, just the plain old racking cane.

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