New Plastic Keg? Have you guys seen or used this?

Here’s a link looks kinda different. … _3197.html

Requires a Sanke coupler. Most people don’t have those and the keg will be difficult to clean.

I should buy a couple of them I have 6 couplers

Though you can’t see inside, you should be able to get a good cleaning with a pump. Run the water in the “beer” side of the Sanke. Have it drain out the “gas” side.

Similar to the carboy/corny cleaners.

+1, just take out the check valves

Don’t know if this is the same as the commercial plastic kegs, but some have blown up and one person was killed.

It appears the part that actually holds the beer comes out and is see through. Looks like a giant soda bottle. If the spear comes out easily, it might become a great alternative to the quickly increasing in price ball and pin lock ss kegs. As a plus, you could supplement in down times with commercial kegs.

I really like the looks of this. If they were around 5 years ago I would have gone this rout for sure. This way you don’t need extra gear to switch between commercial and homebrew.