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New one gallon brewer

I have made 3 kits and I just tried a recipe for a simple stout.

1.25 gal H2O
1 lbs DME
.3 lbs Roasted barley
.2 lbs Chocolate
.35 kent golding hops
Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale

I seeped my grains for 10 min and didn’t let the temps get above 160 f.I added hops and boiled. I only boiled for 45 min and I stopped as I was loosing a lot to evaporation. When I was doing the kits I never replaced water volume and the kits came out great. After the boil should I replace the water volume back to the 1 gal mark? I don’t, as of yet, measure SG, with one gallon batches that is a lot of steal per gallon. I was thinking of sanitizing the equip and the putting it back to the batch??
Should I have replaced the water?

Thanks Scott

I would recommend increasing your batch size to 1.5 gallons into the fermentor: either by increasing your beginning boil volume or by topping off after boil. Then do (at the least) a OG sample and FG sample after 4 weeks and not put the either sample back into the batch.

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