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New Mill

I just got my Barley Crusher and I’ve got a grain bill ready for a BIAB today. The instructions with the mill say to run 1/2 pound of grain thru and discard before first use. I guess to get any residual oil off the rollers. I don’t have an extra 1/2 lb of grain to throw out. Can I run some rice through it?

This is just my opinion… but I’d say no. How about some oatmeal or even cereal? I think you want sometihing that’s going to clean it off and I just don’t think rice will do it.

Don’t the BC rollers come off? you could always just clean them.

Oats would be a cheap alternative and a little softer than rice. Throw a cup of oatmeal through it, maybe run it a couple of times. Its probably just a precautionary measure on their part, to remove oil or metal bits.

Will do…thanks for the suggestion!

Local supermarket might have some whole grains in the natural food section you could use too.

Before using a mill for the first time, I think it’s a good idea to run some malt through it anyway to check the crush and adjust the gap as needed.

Ran about half pound of grain and oats thru the mill. dusted it off, adjusted to .032 since I’ve heard that’s a good crush size for BIAB. Then ran my first 8.5 lb grain bill thru using the hand crank. Looks like a nice crush for the bag. It was quicker than I expected using the hand crank but I’ll definitely use the drill on it next time!

Very happy with my new addition to the gear!

Yeah if don’t run grain through it you end up with small burrs in your grains.

Having your own crusher is a wonderful thing. And while hand cranking isn’t a big deal, hooking a drill up is definitely nicer.

Sometimes I crush and fiund its a bit coarse, I have no problem running it through again at a closer setting. Seems like base malts have a fairly wide range of plumpness, and the gap that works well for one malt isn’t right for another.

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