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New malt house near me

I just found out there is a new malt house near me at our summer place
Bought a sack from my LHBS but only used a couple of pounds to finish the grain bill of my last batch with Rahr for base malt. Smells great and the LHBS guy said everyone has been giving him positive reports back.

I sent them an email to ask if they sell direct to the public so I will try to post their response and how my next creation turns out with it. They are located at the now defunct Miller brewery so it is nice to see some jobs being created there.

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I’ve been watching them closely as well. I’d love to use NY state grains but from what I’ve heard they are not as good as hoped and more expensive than my other options. The truth, I am afraid, is that there are better states to grow barley in than NY. My favorite local distiller is not allow to sell tastes of his single malt out of his tasting room because it doesn’t have any NY grains being a single malt. It seems wrong to force businesses to use grains from their state IMO, and I’m saying this as a buy local kinda guy. Please let me know what you think when you get the chance to use them.

Now that sounds very cool! Would be really nice if you could do a tour… I’ve read alot about that process, but seeing it actually happening… And procuring a sack fresh from the masters?! Sneezles61

It also looks like NY doesn’t grow enough barley to meet the demands of NY brewers. But maybe this is a chicken/egg/,build it and they will come kinda thing however.

from USDA - National Agricultural Statistics Service - Charts and Maps - County Maps - Barley: Harvested Acreage by County

I’m not sure when my next batch will be since I just did 20 gallons yesterday but will try to post the results when I do. To me many base malts taste like base malt and I find it difficult to describe any difference. Well maybe except that grainy one. :wink:

I don’t want to get into the politics of local business rules but Fulton where they are located lost Miller and Nestles chocolate years ago and could really use a shot in the arm jobs wise.

There are hops grown locally so I could brew a all local ingredients beer. I don’t think there is any local yeast though.

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[quote=“hd4mark, post:5, topic:26208”]
I don’t think there is any local yeast though.

Think I will stick to yeast out of little packets or pouches :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yesterday I did have to scoop some midges or whatever the PIA little clouds of bugs that like to hang around by the lake are out of my kettle. They don’t seem to have any function except for you to inhale if you walk through them. Yellow jackets like the smell of boiling wort so I use a badminton racket to have some fun while waiting for the boil to end.

[quote=“hd4mark, post:5, topic:26208, full:true”]
Well maybe except that grainy one. :wink:[/quote]

People may laugh at me but I’m down in Newport News, VA and picked up a sixer of IPA from a local brewery. I’m willing to bet a weeks pay they use the grainy one. Just takes away from the hops.

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Sure it wasn’t too much Calcium Chloride? :confused: Sneezles61

Nope. Grainy. I can pick out Briess a mile away.

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