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New kegurator

Now got time to finish. Kegurator. Got a ink bird temp controller. I know this been ask before. How do i set the dial on the freezer low or high before i atach the ink bird. Kind of dumb with these things. Dont want to burn the freezer. Compressor

I just have mine set to midrange as the inkbird will protect the compressor. I think as long as the freezer setting is set cold enough for what you want to do you should be good. I use mine as a fermentation and cold crash chamber.

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Echoing Tom’s comments, as long as you have the temp on the freezer below your serving temp the Inkbird will run the freezer. Something to keep in mind as well is to put enough deadband or delay in so that the Inkbird isn’t trying to control too tight. I think I have my controller set for about 43-ish and the way I have it set, it lets the keezer drift up to 45-46 before it tries to cool again. You may have to play with yours a bit to find the optimum.

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