New kegerator

I just installed 4 Perlick faucets on my homemade Kegerator,with 10’ ft Beverage lines. Next sat. I should be ready to transfer the beer to my kegs, so do I need to clean out the new lines and run through faucets. any suggestions on what to use as a cleaner?,and procedure. Thanks!!

PBW to clean, followed by star san. Put a couple quarts of water and PBW in a keg, pressurize and push into your lines. Let it sit a few hours or overnight. Put a few quarts of star san in a keg and push to rinse out PWB. Push the star san out with beer and enjoy!

You could soak the disassembled pieces of your faucets in star san and rinse before re-installing if you’re feeling really anal.

thanks Danny for ur input Ill do as u say with the cleaning method. sounds easy. think ill leave the anal part alone, as everything being hooked up anyways. Do you recommend a periodic cleaning of Beer lines and faucets? How often? Thanks!!