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New iPhone Brewing App

I’ve written a new brewing app called BrewBot.

Along with hop and yeast data/characteristics, it features 16 unique calculators.

Check it out here:

I have a limited number of free download codes for anyone interested in testing & providing feedback.

Email to request a code and tell me why you’d be a good candidate for testing.

emailed you

I bought the 99 cent app and it looks like it has some useful stuff.

The hops list is nicely up to date, that will be very useful. I will also use the Plato-SG conversion since my refrac only reads in P. Strike temp calculator will also see use for every batch.

The carbonation by style list is limited. I’d also like a temp vs CO2 pressure list for keg carbonation. American is misspelled on the style carbonation list.

Basically you gathered most of the calculators from the green bay rackers, mr malty and tastybrew sites in one portable place. Thats handy. The biggest down side is that I have to wear reading glasses to see my iphone.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, there are a number of typos I missed. There will be an update in a few weeks. The review process takes some time.

Force carbonation is on the to do list.

Any other feature requests?

The only other thing I use with any frequency is the “can I mash it?” calculator that tell you how much volume a certain mash will take up. I’m always pushing the volume limits of my MLTs.

Ahhhh…good one. I could use that myself.

Adding it to the list of things to do.

In the “Estimate OG” function, could you somehow include sugar? Just so happens that the first brew I tried it on was a Belgian!

Overall I like it. Haven’t gotten very into it yet, but from what I see your app has taken about 3-4 other apps I have and combined them into one. Very cool! Should be a help on brew day… which will hopefully be this Saturday or Sunday. I’ll write a nice review afterwards.

Thanks for the free download code!


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