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New house/productive weekend; anyone else brew?

Moved to a new house 2 weeks ago yesterday, which wasn’t exactly set-up for a homebrewer. Well, a visit from a good local plumber, and one new basement utility sink later, the home brewery is back in business.

Yesterday, knocked out a German hefeweizen (w/ dry WB-06 yeast) and today i knocked out a somewhat session-ish (~6%) IPA, which got a resurrected starter of Wy1469 W. Yorkshire Ale yeast. Also whipped up a batch of EdWort’s apfelwein.

Prior to our move, I had not brewed since early March, so I was in serious brewing withdrawl. If anything, the forced layoff (between showings, selling the old house, prepping the new place, and the actual move itself) made me appreciate homebrewing ever so much more.

Upon learning that I was running low on homebrew, my darling wife indicated that I “had” to brew for our upcoming housewarming party (a month away) so that we had something to serve our guests. As you might have guessed, I didn’t argue. :smiley:

Enough about me; anyone else brave the heat to fire up their kettles?


Im in a very similar situation im building a house that is supposed to be done in mid august. my current house is for sale and has to stay show ready all the time. my son was born in may. since he was born i have brewed once.

im already picturing how the brewery will be set up in the new house. cant wait to fill these rapidly emptying fermenters and kegs.

I brewed Saturday morning and was blessed by good cloud cover. The clouds really slowed down the day’s heat-up.

Usually, I stick to pretty average beers, but I love Velvet Rooster, so I had to give the new pro-series kit from Tallgrass a try. My 5-gallon batch sparge setup isn’t used to 13+ lbs. of grain, but I made it work.

I brewed up a bel. wit with some friends this weekend. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot and I got an early start. Split the batch with WLP400 Bel Wit and the WLP Bel. Saison Blend. Wanted to split the batch with WLP 410 Bel Wit II but could track any down locally. With the scary heat all over the country didn’t want to have it shipped.

I am also in a similar situation, closed on house just over a week ago and the moving truck is being unloaded as I type. The new house has a shed attached to the back of the garage with a 220V outlet in it, so I am thinking of upgrading from the stove top to an electric brewery. I am thinking of starting with a single 10 gal pot BIAB setup and maybe eventually working up to something like The Electric Brewery. The down side of the new house is that there is no LHBS with in any reasonable driving distance for those things that come up at the last min. My first brew day in the new house is probably still a few weeks away due to the wife’s desire to redo the entire interior of the house (paint, flooring, ect.)

Moved in March to a new house and after a few months of planning and work, got my brewing area mostly set up. First brew day was about a month ago and was a disaster. The beer will end up fine but it was so frustrating brewing in a completely different environment. Nothing was where it was needed and I was trying to rush.

Brewed two more batches since and they have gone much better. Plus I have built a raised garden with a substantial 16’ high trellis and have 6 varieties of hops growing.


with a heat index of almost 110 for almost the past 2 weeks to hot to brew

I brewed a Dubbel on sunday AM, had a slight break from the heat, but still pretty damn hot.

Brewed a apricot wheat a couple of days ago.

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