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New hops

Has any one used any of the newer hops? Scorchi Ace or Falconer’s Flight? My shop has a few packs, but other than the higher AA, I’m not sure what to do with them!

Falconers is a good pale/ipa type blend. The IIPA I made with that got a great reception among my picky consumers.

Sorachi Ace tastes and smells like REALLY sweet lemon. Made a terrible IPA but would do well in a hefe or a saison.

Awesome! I was looking at dry hopping an IIPA, I gues I have my answer!

I used sorachi ace in my last batch of my lemon-rosemary blonde ale which turned out very well with a nice lemoniness to it without any actual lemon.
I think it works better in less than massive amounts and would be okay in an IPA as long as it was blended with other hops.

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