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New Homebrewing YouTube Channel - Seeking Feedback!

Hi all! Hope everyone is safe and well going into pandemic year 2.

I recently started a YouTube channel that is centered around all things beer & brewing, and am looking for some feedback from fellow brewers!

I have always been so drawn to content creation in many forms, and even worked in professional special effects for awhile, so video is something I am extremely passionate about. That being said I recently decided to merge that with my other hugely consuming passion: brewing. With a focus on high quality and production value, but still hoping to educate and share some brewing knowledge and information with the internet.

I’ll share a couple recent videos below, and I am hoping to see how they come across to y’all.

How ingestible is the content?

How is the quality?

Do you enjoy watching it or does it seem more like a chore?

Thoughts on the formatting and layout of each video?

And as a bonus here is a little joke skit I made just for fun! Not to throw shade at any hazy fans(I am a big one myself) but just to snag some low-hangin fruit, in the spirit of humor.

Any and all constructive feedback is welcomed! Thanks!

I watched the first one. Man you talk fast. Not sure who you are targeting but the video is a pretty straight forward recipe and brewing session. Funny i just brewed almost the exact recipe yesterday although i used carapils instead of the carafoam. I usually go low and slow on a lager. Ive done 10 day pale ales before. Interested to hear your results. As far as the video the quality was good i actually fast forward it a bit to get to the end. I hate cliff hangers. By the way welcome to the forum haven’t seen you on here before.

Thanks for the watch my friend. I do speak very quickly sometimes(you should hear how I think 0.o) and am always worried about my videos being way too long for people to stick around, so slowing down isn’t always an option!

The lager experiment has been interesting for sure, it was actually terminal in just over 48 hours, which was insane, I’m letting it rest right now to do some clean-up but very interested in how a 10 day lager can taste.

Im not surprised it finished fast at the higher temp. I thought you had already done the experiment. Yes i dont like long YouTube videos

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Well, Hello!
I just watched… Yes you talk quick, which I find keeps me in the conversation… But in the beginning, when you are “pitching” the story, it was long winded… I could appreciate a straight concept, and then to the task…
The grainbill, I like the you telling us the weight… I can do with out the “83.79% of the grainbill” stuff…
The water part… You have it right with using RO for a light colored brew… Pinch? Oh dear… Well, in time I believe you’ll get more of water understood…
Your fairly simple approach works for me…
Perhaps, you could start brewing by what to brew for, say… Bockfest, which is just around the corner…
St. Pats brews? April daydreaming… MiaBock? … You get the point…
I’ll be looking for your vids… Thank you for letting me comment…

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Hail to you. Me did watch. But when. You do some more videos talk bit slower. Me used to my brew buddy. Best friend. From nj. Talking. Fast. So no big. Deal. But some. Might not follow. It did keep me. Fixed. To the end

From a novice home brewers point of view, this was an informative and entertaining video! I’m looking forward to checking out next video.
Keep them coming!
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Nicely done. I thought the speed was about perfect. I watch a fair amount of “how to” youtube videos and I think yours holds up well to the standards I expect.
My question is about where youtube music comes from. Is there some kind of algorithmic youtube music creating bot out there making everyone’s music? It’s always the same BPM, electronic, chirpy style music in all the videos I watch. Youtube background music ersatz.

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