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New homebrewing calculators at

Hi guys, i have added a bunch of new calculators at

Feel free to try them and let me know your thoughts

1.Pitch Rate Calculator

  1. ABV Calculator

  2. Priming Sugar Calculator

  3. Keg Carbonation Calculator

  4. Viability Calculator

  5. DME Calculator

  6. Washed Yeast Calculator

  7. Conversion Tool


This is a great resource that will come in handy, thank you! One thing I noticed though, the priming sugar calculator on the yeastcalc sight seemed to recommend a higher amount of corn sugar than the calculator on NB’s site. I just did a quick comparison of the same recipe on each calculator, and noticed the discrepancy. Any thoughts on which one is more accurate?

I’ve used NB’s calculator a couple times and my batches were undercarbed in most cases. I started using

which seems to be closer to the yeastcalc one and I thought was a much better calculator. YMMV of course though.

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