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New guy question

Have Irish Red Ale in primary.
OG 1.040
15 day - 1.010 (constant for 5 days now)
Any issues moving it into 5 gal secondary carboy tonight? I want to free up my 6 gal carboy for my next brew tomorrow.

Girlfriend told me to get a hobby…little did she know!!!

Favorite days are now brewing days!


You could bottle it instead of secondary. Not really doing anything special in the secondary that it won’t do in the bottles. If you just gotta do it, you’ll be fine to.

Only been in primary for 2 weeks. I want to give it a bit more time to settle (did not use irish moss) before i bottle.

Do as your girlfriend says and get a hobby. I suggest purchasing a 2nd 6g carboy or a pail for you hobby.

As you have probably read, there is much debate if it is better to transfer to a new vessel or leave it in the fermentor for additional aging. Only you can make that decision.

I would not want to try and bottle a batch the same day as brewing. So if it was me under the circumstances I would transfer it.

I’m currently in a similar situation. I let the Irish Red hangout in the primary for 3 weeks. I racked it to a secondary to free up the primary. Planning on letting it condition for 2 weeks before bottling. Good luck!

With a 1.040 beer, 3 weeks in the fermenter is plenty. I would have bottled it. Again, depending on the time available to bottle. 2 additional weeks of conditioning (outside of the bottles) is unnecessary.


Thanks for all the info guys!

It makes for a full day. Kegging kicks ass! One big bottle.

Definitely take a gravity reading, but usually smaller beers finish within a week to 10 days. I tend to keep a lot of beers in the primary for a month, but I don’t secondary when the beers are really done and I have been getting my smaller beers to finish in the 1.004-1.008 range, based on an extended mash. I keg it all, so I don’t worry about bottle issues…

Enjoy your smaller beer - I am gravitating to those anyway and have found some great tasting lighter alcohol beers (not a hophead, at all, so my light alcohol beers have great malty flavor and no hangovers!) But even so, every once in a while I will make a bigger beer for grins and to keep it around for a little while.


I racked to a secondary because I needed the primary. Secondary conditioning also allows for a clearer end product.

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