New guy primary question

I started with caribou slobber an dam planning on primary for 30 days, use the bottling bucket and bottle for 1 and 2 plus weeks. I have spent a lot of time comparing secondary or no secondary. Just looking for confirmation i guess that this is a good plan. It seems using the bottling bucketvis easiest route. If the bottling bucket has no lid whats the difference between siphoning or just gently pouring it in? Thanks for any advice.

A 30 day primary is plenty of time to have a clear beer. My typical time for primary is 21 days and very rarely use a secondary vessel. Pouring your beer into the bottling bucket will expose the beer to the air. This will most likely oxidize the beer. A siphon is more of a closed system. Only the surface of the beer in the bottling bucket has some exposure to the air until it is bottled. The auto siphon is the easiest to use compared to a racking cane.

Having the outflow tube of the siphon curled in the bottom of the bottling bucket will also efficiently mix you priming solution into the beer.

Caribou Slobber really improves with age. Two to three weeks for carbonation, but really good after a few months. Save some bottles for aging and have another brew started to take you mind off the CS just sitting there staring at you.

Siphon gently down the side, if you pour the beer will oxygenate and apparently stale faster. I’m sure more experience will chime in soon but I’m positive-do not pour it into the bottling bucket. You want zero splashing.

Even siphoning down the side of the bucket has the potential to oxidize the beer. I think this method is used in making wine though.

Thanks for all the replies. Will keep in primary for 24 days and then bottle and sstore for 1 week,sample, then 2 weeks later sample. I have my next batchcoming this weekend.looking forward to the adventures.