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New grains in da house

Did pick up my grains yesterday. Time for a vanilla choc stout. Brew session Today. Did order this time. My grains from bsg. They do free shipping in the usa. Did ship 180. lbs grains to bonaire. Took 3 weeks to arive. On the island. Freight shipping custom cost. 150 dollar. Not bad

If I ever come to Bonaire I will bring the clothes on my back, a swimsuit, and the rest of my luggage will be grains for you.


Any time you are welcome

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Any extra rooms in your house?!?!? I might just stay with you though!

Yes sir enough space

You can sleep on the new brew room floor.

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Thats a possibility. Sleep besides the fermentors and kegurator

It sounds pretty cheap, but 3 weeks is a very long time. It’s easier to just make money, hire someone and send him to do it.

The buying of the grains the easy part. Bsg or morebeer. Or our host. Will ship it true my shipping agent amcar miami. Its the timing whats important. Got to be there wedness day. And it will leave miami friday by boat. Than 10 to 15 days before. Curacau. They put the containers. On a different boat. To bonaire a other week. Than customs 4 days. And ready to be picked up

Back in the early 80s I think. I went to Bonaire. Flew jet to Aruba changed to a small prop plane and flew to Curacao then a smaller plane to Bonaire. Got to Bonaire and the lady there who looked to be the only one around closed the ticket window and drove us to our beach bungalow. Took a long time. Enjoyed our stay from what I remember. Drank alot of rum straight from the bottles it seemed like they always were running out of stuff. Guess it hasn’t changed much

No seems to get worse. Now with 25000 people here. And more and more cruise boats. Once a cruise boat in on custom dock. The supply boat can not bring the stuff in. Got to wait. Means. Your product. Few days later than planned

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