New gear, need opinions

I currently have one keg, one CO2 tank and a single regulator. I am planning to buy a second keg and am considering 3 options.

  1. Just get the keg, and only have one connected at a time. Somewhat limiting but as long as the beer is properly carbonated I think I can remove the gas and it will still retain the carbonation. THen when I want to dispense I just hook up the appropriate tank.$40 for the keg at LHBS.
  2. Get a keg and a distribution fitting. Run 2 kegs off one regulator. This means I would always have to have both kegs at the same pressure. $25 for the distributor. Total of about $90 for keg, distributor and new fittings and hoses.
  3. Keg, dual regulator, and assorted hoses and fittings. Obviously the best choice but now we’re talking over $200.

So what are the opinions. Has anyone done choice 1 or 2 and been happy? Or have you done choice 1 or 2 and then wished afterward that you had gone with choice 3?

I have choice 2, but not with a distributor fitting. I’ve got a wye adapter and two ball check valves (much cheaper than the distributor fitting). The keg connects are effective gas shut-offs when you unhook them from a keg.

There are times I wish I was able to independently regulate the two kegs, but most of the time that is not a big issue. The bigger issue is that I wish I could fit a third keg in my fridge, and that I wish I could buy more kegs for a reasonably price. Haven’t seen a used keg for sale for years that could be shipped here, and new ones cost 120 Euros a pop.

My LHBS sells refurbished kegs. They have a good supply of them and I have been happy with the shop for 2 years now. Exciting visit two days ago though. I was there pricing out my options there when suddenly in the back room a seal on a CO2 tank let go. It was loud and the contents of the tank dumped in about 20 seconds. I wonder if the concentration of one 5 LB tanks could cause dangerous levels of CO2 in a building.

I have both 2 and 3 going as well as a combo. I have a 20 lb cylinder with dual regs on it, then a Y adapter with shutoff valve coming out of each reg. So I have 4 kegs on 2 regs in my serving fridge. In my lagering fridge I have a 5 lb cylinder with one reg and a 3 way distributor.

Based on my experience I’d say do what’s cheapest and has the fewest connections that could create potential CO2 leaks. I’m currently changing out all the worm clamps in my system for oetiker clamps to reducethe chance of potential leaks.

OK, so sometimes you just have to say “what the heck”. Had my yearly review and it was good. SO I decided I deserved the reward for a year of good performance at work. I went to the brew shop and got a new keg (passed on the used), a second CO2 cylinder, a dual regulator, assorted HW for connections, and a rye IPA kit. I could have bought a lot of beer for the money I spent today. But hey, it’s a hobby, I like it, and it keeps me out of trouble.

I like the way you think.

I put it all together last night and cleaned out the new keg. I loaded the new keg with a bourbon porter and now have a chest freezer with 2 kegs and that beautiful Taprite dual regulator in it. I love the taprite. It seems way better than the single, no name that I had before. Has knobs instead of just a slotted screw shaft for adjustments. It is definitely better. Way heavy too. Makes me feel like it was worth the money.