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New fridge

Hi all,
I found a fridge this weekend for $40.
Santo sr-9510w. Apt size fridge. Its working great so far.
Wondering how to get co2 into it though. It is 9.5 cf and my tank is a 20lb so it can’t go inside.

Is there anything that shows where coolant lines are so Iddon’t nick one drilling a hole in the side somewhere?
Thanks! :cheers:

Take a look here … 7KWhLG-ho4 there is an exploded parts diagram a little way down the page. What most do is drill a very small hole first and wrap tape around the drill bit so it will just penetrate the outside. Next poke a piece of wire or something through to see if you hit anything solid. You may run into Styrofoam insulation making it difficult to see.

I ran a CO2 line through the side of an old fridge with success but my new kegorator has a space inside designed to put the tank so I just left it there. The high pressure gauge that gives you an idea of how full it is on tanks inside will read low but that is the only problem I see.

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