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New first - racking onto yeast cake

I hope I did this correctly! Seems to be working nicely. Bubbling away this morning like gangbusters.

I brewed another kolsch yesterday. I had a batch ready to keg so I racked that out into the keg.

While my new batch was cooling down, I swirled the yeast cake and filled up a mason jar with some of it. Left the remainder in the bucket and put the lid back on.

When my new batch cooled, I siphoned directly onto the old yeast cake.

Did my usual shaking of the wort to aerate. Bucket when into the spare BR shower where it will live for a few weeks. When I checked it this morning it was already bubbling quite steadily. This is even faster than when I’ve done starters.

Is this what you all do or do you transfer the cake to a new bucket instead? I was unclear on that but in my reading of various posts…I thought you just pitched new right onto the previous…same bucket.

No you did it exactly right. Often people pitch entire yeast which is over pitching and reduces yeast replication and thus flavor impact. Best part is you can still use the yeast in mason jar. I would suggest making a starter with that yeast if its been a month plus.


The fermenter always looks so nasty when you pull the beer out I was a little gunshy on trying it myself.

Now that its done…not so bad!

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