New fermenter question

Today I went to the local supermarket and picked myself up some free frosting buckets from the bakery. I got them home and with a soft cloth and dish soap got all of the leftover frosting out of them and they are nice and clean. My question to you all, do I need to do anything else to get them ready to accept my wort or am I all set and ready to go?

You’re all set, other than sanitizing of course!

I agree but add this: be certain to rinse them out very well to avoid any soapy residue from the dish soap. :cheers: Tank

Are you planning on using an air-lock during fermentation? If so, you will need to drill a hole in the lid add a rubber grommet to accept the air-lock.

+2 Rinse really well and sanitize everything.

Congrat’s on scoring some free pails.

If you have a drill bit big enough, just drill a hole large enough for a rubber stopper. Only needs to be as big as a beer bottle to accept a #2 drilled stopper.