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New Favorite Brewery

Just got back from the Bangor Brewfest. Now, I know that Bangor, Maine is the Eastern End of the Earth, but they did have 20 breweries there, including Sammie and Sierra. But, IMHO, the class of the place was Unibroue brewery of Quebec. I’m normally not a big fan of Belgian styles , but OMG these were unbelievable. They had 2 flavors: ‘La Fin du Monde’, a triple golden ale, and ‘Maudite’ a strong red. Only place I went back twice for more samples. And as soon as I got home I went to my local packie to see if they carried it - YES!
Definitely worth trying if you can find it. :cheers:

I prefer the Trois Pistoles myself. Guessing it is a Belgian Dark Strong? Delicious!

Yep. They make some of the best Belgians made outside of Belgium in my opinion.

Picked up one of those, along with the other two. Wierdly enough, I don’t particularly care for Allagash White, or the other two Belgian styles that were at the fest. Unibrou’e’s, I loved.

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