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New dry yeast

I see in another home brew supplier catalogue there is a new Abbaye dry yeast out, from the same folks that do Belle Saison. Anyone try it yet?

I personaly havnt tried it. But had a taste of an Abbey ale at my home brew store and thought it nice. They stock it so I plan on trying it soon.

The description of it struck me as weird.

I didn’t read the description, what did it say that struck you as weird?

The seem to be focusing on attenuation rather than flavor. IIRC, they talk about it being a great yeast for an IIPA. Although now I can’t find the citation I was thinking of!

The description is kind of weird. it seems like they go out of their way to put ipa in the description, even though it’s a abbey ale yeast. ... P3736.aspx

I don’t know why it’s weird. They specifically say not recommended for American IPA. It’s advertising it’s obvious you can make an abbey ale from the name, IPA anything sells, so why not mention Belgian IPA. You can certainly use it for one.

Here’s the product description: file:///home/chronos/user/Downloads/abbaye-belgian-yeast%20(1).pdf

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